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Modern Innovator Lifestyle

Welcome to TMI Lifestyle, your trusted partner for crafting meaningful workshops and transformative training experiences.

Stand Up Meeting

About The Modern Innovator Lifestyle

Our expertise lies in areas like Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I), Women in Leadership, and the Art of Building High-Performing Teams.

Think of us as your workshop artisans, meticulously tailoring each session to fit your organisation's unique needs and aspirations. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to foster inclusivity, ignite leadership potential, and inspire remarkable teamwork within your workplace.

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Michael C.

"You created one of the most impactful workshops I have ever been on (and I’ve had the good fortune to be on some amazing ones). Not only was it great on the day, but I have been reflecting a lot on the things we covered, so I feel it has lead to meaningful change for me, being more conscious about things than I have been before." 

 Collaborations & Partners 

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