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If you're living life as an entrepreneur, it can often times feel like the pressure is baring down on you from all sides whether that's juggling your business with your 9-5 with your family committments with with whatever else life wants to throw at you at any partticular moment.


It can get exhausting juggling everything while at the same time trying to bring your dreams to life. This persistent juggling takes a toll on our mental health and is often what causes young and even seasoned entrepreneurs to throw in the towel when things eventually bubble over, killing momentum and delaying our dreams even more.


This workbook is the answer to the plight of the overworked entrepreneur.


Filled with:

Self care insights





This workbook will teach each entrepreneur how to step back and carve out time for consistent self care. Even if you're not an entrapreneure, self care should be a priority and this e-book will still work for you. Because when we allow our work, social and familial batteries to drain all the way down, we're no good to anyone and we are worthy of being taken care of!


So if you recognise the signs of neglect in how you've been managing yourself or want to get on top of self care before you see the negative impact of not making self care a priority, this workbook is for you. Don't dely on makingn you a priority - you're worth it!

TMI Self Care Guide

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