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The Modern Innovator: What is an Innovator? (2min)

Do you think you are an innovator? An innovator can be defined as a person who develops or introduces a new method, idea, or product.

Whilst there are no limits to the traits that a successful innovator can hold, there are some key characteristics that can be widely recognised within successful innovators. Do you recognise any in you?

1. In the first instance, an innovator is a confident person, who is not afraid of venturing outside of their comfort zone, and willing to take risks, as well as being open to new experiences, and trusting of their own ability. Agility, and an ability to learn from both successes and failures in risk taking are key to helping an innovator succeed in both their own ability, and their career.

2. Innovators are those driven by their passion for their business/product, and that can demonstrate resilience when they have chosen to take risks that may have taken an unexpected route.

3. Innovators explore their curiosities, and will actively seek opportunities that can further fuel these.

4. Something especially key to being a successful innovator, is that they are motivated by change, inspired by what is going on around them, and ready to adapt and develop to new situations in the global marketplace.

Does this sound like you?

Used thoughtfully, these traits and tools can help the modern innovator to achieve a presence and competitive advantage in the marketplace. So if you identify with the traits of an innovator above, why not give our exclusive guide a read, “Creating the Ultimate Brand.” This workbook will lay out all the essential tools needed for growing your business, learning how stand out from the crowd, and securing your place in the marketplace.

This book is informative, without the overload of new information, giving those new entrepreneurs the chance to successfully grow their business. For more information, get in touch via, or simply purchase our workbook via the website.

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