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E(quality), D(iversity), and I(nclusion) in the workplace. (2 min)

Both being able to define and implement Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in the workplace, is at the core of a good business. By ensuring that such is aligned with the core values of an organisation will enable a culture whereby all workers feel safe and included, giving them all an important sense of belonging within the workplace.

But what does implementing EDI in the workplace mean? And how can this be successfully achieved?


Is about ensuring equal job opportunities and fairness for all employees is enabled throughout the workforce. It is about ensuring that no worker is treated differently because of factors related to, and not limited to, their sex, race, religion, gender, a disability, or sexual orientation.


Is about ensuring your business has a diverse workforce and includes people of different ages, genders, religions, ethnicities. It is about ensuring that each employee is valued for their differences, the actions of all celebrated.


Is about ensuring that all employees are made to feel valued as workers, in that they are able to share their ideas, feel comfortable in the business, and raise any issues they may have, knowing that there will be support offered to them.

A business that encourages and implements all aspects of EDI, is likely to keep their employees happier, which will have a positive knock on effect towards the success of the business overall. But to be fully inclusive businesses need also to consider the intersectional factors which run in tandem with EDI considerations. These factors might include accent, age, caring responsibilities, gender identity, expression, mental health, physical appearance, political opinion, pregnancy, family status and socio-economic circumstances. It is also about embedding EDI support throughout the employment journey. Ensuring recruitment practices welcome EDI.

Do you feel as though you are able to bring your full self to work?

Our ‘Bring your full self to work,’ digital workshop breaks down the reasons as to why so many feel unable to bring their full selves to work. The workshop acts as a safe space for both the employee, as well as helping the employer to better understand how they could create a space for their ethnic minority colleagues. This workshop therefore ensures an inclusive environment in the workforce to be created, making it a better space for both the employee, as well as the employer.

For more information to access this digital workshop, get in touch via

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