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Disobey The Urge to Quit | Everyday Motivation

When you have a goal in mind, and it's a goal that won't leave your mind, you may sometimes find yourself lacking firm direction on how to achieve it. You know what the aim is, and you know what the phases should be, but you're ultimately a cart before the horse type of person (like me). This can lead to stagnation and stagnation leads to frustration with frustration leading to the urge to give in.

That's the mind set I've battled with for years. There was so much that I want to achieve with my brand but once I had laid the foundations, it got harder and harder to find the path to the peak. I tried not to get disheartened when I came across stumbling blocks and tried to find practical ways of motivating myself, but if you've ever been in a funk you know how hard it can be to shake it off.

Which is why I would have small periods of growth in my business followed by giant lulls when I lost motivation. But the more I tried to binge watch Breaking Bad instead of finalising my business plan, the more I couldn't shake the niggling thought at the back of my mind that I needed to keep going; that I had to fulfil my purpose. And how was I going to do that?

Disobey. That’s what I had to do to succeed. Disobey what exactly? I had to disobey the urge to quit. I've said it time and time again but the ones who succeed are the ones who stick with it, master discipline and breathe consistency.

So here it is. Your chance to commit an act of defiance against the funk within; to stop making excuses and dedicate yourself to starting and scaling your business. You know that business goal you're struggling logistically to achieve? That business goal you've all but given up on because you know no other way to go about it? I dare you to stick with it. I dare you not to quit. A year from now you’ll be happy you didn’t.

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