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Dare to Win | Extraordinary Requires Energy

I wasn't born to be mediocre. It's a simple enough mantra to have, but a much harder one to embody. Ordinary is easy, extraordinary requires energy. Not just energy, but dedication and determination and some sort of plan to go along with it. I get it, you’re already drained.

But it's a thought I keep coming back to time and time again. That's why even though there have been some lulls, I keep coming back to my brand and business. This is what gives me energy and purpose (and it's a core part of my epic five year plan).

The word average makes my eyes roll. Average, basic, standard, unexceptional, forgettable, pointless. If it's not going to be spectacular, why even bother at all? This was the attitude of younger me, overachieving me, unbroken me. Depression and anxiety are two bugbears of my life I refuse to give in to. If you’ve ever battled a mental illness, you know how hard it is to dust yourself off and keep on going. But that’s what your business needs you to do so you can smash those goals.

It's common to hear someone described as 'having potential.' But here's the thing; Potential is meaningless unless you unleash it. There is a level of confidence and conviction required to unleash your potential and these can waver now and again. It's whether you are winning the fight to stay in control that will determine how much of your potential you see flourish (and I don't doubt you can do it).

So how about this; stop being adequate; passable; average (*eye roll*). Release your potential and reach for the extraordinary (and yes, I meant for it to sound that cheesy). Step onto the path of the best you today.

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